Siren La Peacock

Siren La Peacock
It all began when I had my first professional photo shoot with Derriere Boudoir & Vintage Glamour, that’s when the fireworks really started, before then I only dreamed of modelling and it was only in the back of my mind, however my husband encouraged me to give it a go, so I went and did a rockabilly/Pinup shoot and I had a ball, I then returned back two times doing a Boudoir style shoot.
I then joined some Modelling sites & groups and have has success in getting out there, it has improved my confidence a great deal and helped me love myself again.
Putting myself out in the world of the web is where I found Michael Ritter Photography and he was able to do some photos for my modelling portfolio, which are of amazing quality.
I currently do this in my spare time, and I hope to pursue a future full time career in Plus Size Modelling, or being a model for advertising purposes.
Whenever I go get photographed I have a massive car load of Rockabilly, Pinup, Belly dancing, Burlesque, formal dresses, play dress up’s, I definitely love being in the limelight with any opportunity can I will most definitely take it and embrace it. Whenever myself and husband goes’ on holiday’s he cringes when you can buy photo memories at rides and attractions as I will definitely be photo ready and purchase all of the images!
Outside of work and modelling, i enjoy Belly Dancing and also Burlesque, I would like to also try pole for the core fitness side to it. Having doing these activities I find that I have become a more open person and willing to try new things.
I am a-bit of a daredevil and love adventure, I have a list of things I must do before I turn 30 such as: Skydive, scuba dive & swim with sharks, bungee jump.
I have a massive addiction to Disney and have Tinkerbell on my arm, and hope in the future I have more Disney on myself. I have an addiction to Mermaids!! My dream Shoot is a underwater Mermaid shoot which I will be doing in Hawaii September 2017 which I’m ecstatic about. I am always looking for new collaborations so please follow me & contact me
Siren La Peacock
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